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Welcome to Cheap Buzz, where we eavesdrop as sommelier Marnie Old attempts to teach the joys of wine and fine spirits to Buzz, a guy with no sophistication and not much money. Here's their latest conversation.

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Cheap Buzz: What makes for an easy-drinking red?

If some wines are "easy-drinking," does that mean some are hard to drink?

Cheap Buzz: In wine, diversity trumps consistency

Buzz: Hey Marnie, it's getting warmer and I'm looking for wine, but there are so many wines in the stores, my head is spinning.

CHEAP BUZZ-Try some Madeira, my dear

Buzz: Hey, Marnie, I was reading that George Washington was a wine drinker. Turns out his favorite wine was Madeira. What the heck is that?

Who put the "brute" in champagne?

BUZZ: Hey Marnie, why do they call some wines brutes? It makes sense on a slam-dunk zinfandel, but I've only ever see it on champagnes, not on a big, strong wine.

Warning Label that Cried Wolf

BUZZ: Hey Marnie, my cousin says he can't drink red wine because it gives him a headache. Is that because red wines have more sulfites?

Fridge-friendly red wines for summer chillin'

Red-wine lovers don’t have to change their tastes in warm weather, just lighten them up.

Cheap Buzz: Sour beers tempt wine lovers

BUZZ: HEY MARNIE, what do wine drinkers do during Philly Beer Week? Marnie: Most of them keep drinking wine, of course. But that doesn't mean they might not also cross the aisle to enjoy some beers. (PBW continues through Sunday.)

Taming the savage Sauvignon

BUZZ: Hey Marnie, why do they bother making white wine out of cabernet sauvignon if it's a red grape?