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With all the discussion, we need to reflect on what our kids are thinking about these allegations.

Warning signs you may be a ‘lawnmower parent’

The term from a recent letter from a middle school teacher gone viral may be new, but this overbearing parenting style has always been an issue.

Why playtime is so important for kids

Free play is essential to helping kids grow, explore, and discover their personalities. Don't forget to make time in your schedule to simply let your kids play!

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What to know about 'sharenting' and 'digital kidnapping'

Here's why sharing too much information about your children over social media can become a problem.

Program supporting kids from pre-k to third grade linked to higher rates of secondary attainment

Low-income minority children who received comprehensive school and family services from preschool through third grade were associated with a 48 percent higher rate of completing an associate's degree or higher compared to those who did not participate in the entire program, a new study finds.

How hate can begin and end at home

An educator reflects at this past year's events and how parents can address issues such as prejudices and racism at home.

Putting the brakes on kids' screen time

Here are some steps your family can take to reduce screen time for you and your child.

When back to school means staying home

There are now approximately 2.2 million homeschoolers in America. Learn more about why some parents chose this option for their child.