Drew Lazor

Drew Lazor

Drew Lazor is a freelance writer in Philadelphia. Contact him at andrewlazor@gmail.com.

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Meek Mill returns to Philly for his first concert as a free man

Last month, his nearly 13-year legal saga came to a close. While his tour mate, Future, showed out, this was really Mill’s night at the BB&T Pavilion.


Throwback Thursday: As live music returns to the Khyber, peep archival images of the best shows in the Old City space

Paul Havelin will present “From the Vault,” a long-buried collection of his Philadelphia concert photos from the 1990s and 2000s. Hosting the show is the venue where most of the retrospective was actually shot — the Khyber Pass Pub, Havelin’s former employer, which just reintroduced live music.

At Kensington’s Flow State, Filipino sweets power a pastry chef’s personal journey

“I’m a 40-year-old woman, and I’m just coming out as Filipino now,” the native Michigander joked.

In a North Philly writing lab, young food critics are born — after being duped

In Olde Kensington's hottest pop-up cafe, you'll find a $20 PB&J, primo views, and a mob of terrifying young food writers.


Jennifer Lopez took the Wells Fargo Center to the strip club, and beyond

Her scrappy Puerto Rican girl from The Bronx origin story remains the most dominant aspect of her identity, and she drew deeply from this well throughout a two-plus hour performance at the Wells Fargo Center Saturday night.

Robyn plays a very wet show at the Mann Center | Concert review

Pop music's weird older sister weathered the storm.


Mariah Carey pulls the ultimate diva move at her concert at the Met: proclaiming she’s not a diva

“That word is so overused,” a laconic Mariah Carey mused from the Metropolitan Opera House stage last night, shrugging while a pair of her dancers fluttered in her orbit, touching up her foundation and cooling her off with a folding fan.

Speck's chicken is the 'Broast' of Collegeville

Longtime Collegville restaurant Speck’s has generations of fans flocking to its Broasted chicken and old-fashioned hospitality.

Known as 'The Book Slinger,' he traded cocktail mixing for rare-book collecting

Longtime local bartender Thomas Posey, a/k/a The Book Slinger, has turned his love for rare cookbooks and cocktail books into a full-time pursuit.

Recipes for good, cheap eats

THIS RECIPE lives up to its source, Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day by Leanne Brown. BRUSSELS SPROUT HASH AND EGGS