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Kitchen Notebook: Our Family Meal

Students demonstrate their new cooking skills for family, teachers, and friends.

Kitchen Notebook: Turkey Mushroom Tacos

Mushrooms and turkey take the place of beef in this healthful take on tacos.

Kitchen Notebook: Mini Italian Frittatas

The fall, 2019, semester of My Daughter's Kitchen kicks off with a power-packed spinach and egg frittata.

Kitchen Notebook: End-of-Semester Family Meal

Students show off their new cooking skills by preparing a meal for teachers, parents, and invited guests.

Kitchen Notebook: Mari’s Vegetarian “Cheesesteaks”

Mushrooms sub for meat in this cheesesteak recipe, developed by My Daughter's Kitchen volunteer Mari Bartram.

Kitchen Notebook: Turkey Lettuce Wraps

With a shape like a taco and flavors like Chinese food, Turkey Lettuce Wraps surprised and delighted the student cooks.

Kitchen Notebook: Salmon in Foil with Spinach and Cream

"Did I just make that?!" Students marvel at the elegant salmon dish that started out as food in folded tin foil.

Kitchen Notebook: Moroccan Stew

Ginger. Quinoa. Squash. Making the Moroccan stew meant trying many flavors for the first time.

Kitchen Notebook: Shakshouka

A lot of vegetables and spices went into a dish the students had a hard time pronouncing, but a good time eating.

Kitchen Notebook: Chicken Noodle Soup with Vegetables

A snowy, icy week was the perfect time to learn how to make a low-salt, veggie-packed chicken noodle soup.