Kellie Patrick Gates

Love columnist Kellie Patrick Gates writes from the Montgomery County home she shares with her extraordinary husband, a formerly stray cat and an adopted greyhound.

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Philadelphia weddings: Aimy Tran and Henry Chou Jr.

He messaged her on Facebook, she didn't respond. That is, until his mom convinced her she needed to meet her handsome son.

Philadelphia weddings: Shakeema Jones and Tyler Mapp

Makeup took longer than expected, and she was an hour late to the ceremony.

Philadelphia weddings: Elaine Sonnenberg and Shawn Whitelock

They met in the Trader Joe's frozen food aisle in 2016. He proposed in the Trader Joe's frozen food aisle in 2018.

Philadelphia weddings: Alexandra Meis and Nicholas Larson

Their differences contributed to them falling in love as much as their similarities did, the couple say.

Philadelphia weddings: Lauren Pahl and Guido Rodrigues

He sent her a drink. She went over to thank him.

Philadelphia weddings: Heather Rittenhouse and Bob Rafferty Jr.

They met down the Shore. He proposed on a banner plane.

Philadelphia weddings: Christina Kaissi and John Wells

From “How was your day?” to “How would you handle this?” they talked like people who had known and trusted each other for a long time and truly cared how the other was doing, John agreed.