Howard J. Peterson, MHA

Howard J. Peterson, MHA

Managing Partner of TRG Healthcare, a national healthcare consulting firm

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Four factors really driving U.S. health care change in 2020

Medicare for All? Virtually impossible. But that doesn't mean the status quo will prevail.

Woody Allen would love the coming health care debate l Opinion

The “Right” plan would maintain a vibrant commercial/private structure enabling continued advancements in the organization and delivery of healthcare.

How can we reduce health care costs? Employers are leading a transformation

The Healthcare Transformation Alliance, Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway and JP Morgan, along with Walmart and other national employers have been developing strategies to reduce their costs.

Healthcare regulation, too much and often wrong

There are literally hundreds of governmental and non-governmental regulatory and licensing agencies which oversee every possible aspect of healthcare. NCQA, FDA, CDC, EPA, CREF, AMA, AAMC, OCR, CMS, OSHA, IOM. These are but a few of their acronyms, but you get the point.

Healthcare at the tipping point: 2018 has high risks for hospitals

Innovation has been a buzz word and marketing tagline in healthcare for more than a decade. Virtually every organization has invested in staffing an innovation activity. Despite these investments the pace of change has been frustrated by an entrenched reliance of providers on traditional ways that they make money. Healthcare organizations remain disproportionately dependent upon high utilization rates of expensive inpatient services.