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9 Philly-area stories of suddenly losing work in the coronavirus crisis: ‘I feel like I’ve been benched’

In the poorest big city in America, thousands of people who had jobs in retail, restaurants, and the service sector were among the first to suddenly find themselves rudderless.


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Charles Brewer Jr. is following in his dad’s footsteps as a professional boxer. We caught up with Brewer to photograph a recent training session at Champs Gym in Delran, N.J.


DO NOT USE: From the Front Lines

The people too essential to isolate share how their lives have changed since the coronavirus hit — and what scares them about their jobs now.

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From team president to CFO to Gritty’s voice, women are leaders in the Flyers’ front office

The Flyers have taken strides to show they are committed to gender inclusion. On the business side of things, input from men and women carry equal weight.

PREVIEW ONLY - Philadelphia Catholics have long known Nelson Pérez as a buddy, mentor, and friend. Next week, he becomes their archbishop.

Pérez’s selection by Pope Francis represents historic change. But he most relishes being a priest to the people he’s met throughout his career.

PREVIEW ONLY - How Oakland molded Philly’s new police commissioner

Interviews with nearly a dozen close associates and friends in Oakland — where Danielle Outlaw spent the first two decades of her career — reveal that in the insular and testosterone-laden culture of policing, Outlaw, 43, has long approached her work with ambition, confidence, and determination.

PREVIEW ONLY - Her aunt gave her a gift before being sent to die. She returned to Auschwitz to relive their ‘last sweet thing.’

The Jenkintown woman brought her child and grandchildren to Poland for the 75th anniversary of the death camp’s liberation.

Special Report


The eight months since Terrance Lewis was released have been a whirlwind of joy, anxieties, and obligations, opportunities that open and then fall out of reach, plans made and broken.