THE QUESTION:  1, for those of you going to Phillies games, what are you finding in terms of locating tickets and your experience at the game? At this point, would anyone change anything at the park? I'm assuming that all the talk about the small dimensions of the park is more a media story than anything fans ever cared about.

2, Your feelings on the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell comments about adding a 17th game to the schedule and cutting one preseason game off the schedule?


1, Got shut out tonight, not realizing I wouldn't be able to walk up. I figured that would be a problem in July, but not now. I'd make the seats a tiny bit bigger! (Although I do fit in them better since I started swimming.) I'd improve the quality of the food. The variety is fine. But except on dollar dog night, you can't find a hot hotdog in a nonsoggy bun.

And there's nothing you can do about it, but I'd love to have a baseball fan section where people actually paid attention to the game and talked baseball. I know. I'm dreaming.

2, It's a good thing. If the fans have to pay for it, make it count! And less likelihood of needing wacky tiebreakers if you have an odd number of games, isn't there?

Deborah Sullivan


1. All though only 41 years old I am old school when it comes to my baseball. I love going to the games. I have a 17-game package. I am finding the fans to be younger and more obnoxious than ever. They have no clue about the game. They are there for the event. As long as the fans keep coming the Phillies don't care. They are looking at attendence on an upswing and making a ton of money.

Joe Messina
South Philly


1. Good tickets are getting a little tough to find. I bought a six pack of games and got some real nose bleed seats. I would not change a thing about the park.

2. I am all for shortening the preseason by one game, but I really don't think they need to add any regular season games.

Mike DiFebbo
Southampton, Pa.


1, I haven't been up to a game this year...but follow the phils each day.  I think they oughta sacrifice some seats in left field and raise the wall some more.  They're doing fine now, but, the small dimensions will convince free agent pitchers and young prospects to go elsewhere.

2, I wouldn't mind an 18 game season with less exhibition games.  Not sure if two or three games are sufficient for coaches to decide on the roster.

Al Singer
Raleigh, N.C.


1.  As a fan looking for entertainment I enjoy the park: the amenities, the atmosphere, the field, the whole shebang.  Yet as baseball fan, I wish left field and left center were deeper.  I love to see home runs, yet don't necessarily get a kick out of the pop-up home run.  Of course when it helps our home team, I'm willing to see the shades of gray.

2.  It's interesting and ironic to hear football all those years defend 4 pre-season games (that fans have to pay for as a season-ticket package) as needed.  Coaches like to evaluate players, et al.  Now because of revenue, the league is suggesting 1 more pre-season game and 1 more regular season game.  Personally I think 16 games is just the right mix.  With a 7th game, fans will wind up paying more because players will demand being paid for the 17th game.  Really, that's the NFL's goal here is to generate more revenue for the league.

Joe Boyce
Levittown, Pa.


1, I share 4 great seats behind the Phils dugout with a friend of mine.  We have 1/4 share of a full season along with 3 other groups.  No problem with tickets.  And in April I went on line and bought a pair of seats for each of the 1st 2 games of the Angels series.  Behind home plate, upper deck.  The only change I would make or would have recommended during construction would have been to start the first row of seats at the top of the dugout like Veterans Stadium.  The first row is at the base of the dugout so the field view is not as good as the old stadium.

2, Not a problem with me.  I like the NFL regular seaspn and playoffs.  Preseason is boring after the 1st qtr of the 1st game.  And for the ticket buyers, they are already paying ful price for pre-season games so why not make one of them count.

Joe Peca
Lansdale, Pa.


1. Been there several times this year--sections 132/ 133--great seats and view----other than trying to catch a home run ball  early--after 5:35   when the seat sections open till end of batting practice --there should be designated places for people to get autographs from the visiting players as they warm up & during batting practice..that would put a little zip into the fans interaction--Jamie Moyer is always  doing his stint autographing balls...--also while the guys in the out field shag  flies for their team members during batting practice maybe they carry a pen in their back pocket  and sign a few balls before they lob  them into outfield stands--THAT WOULD BE A GREAT SURPRISE AND ADD SOME ADDITIONAL excitement TO CATCHING ONE--OR IF A PEN IS TOO DANGEROUS THEN A FEW ARE SIgned BEFORE THE PRACTICE AND WHEN A PLAYER CATCHES THE SIGNED ONE HE LOBS IT INTO THE OUT FELID OR WHEREVER --that should happen on both sides----- a real TREAT -- have a non starting player sit in a section for the first two innings--- have a different section picked out prior to each game--that would BE fabulous-- REDUCING THE OBNOXIOUS PARKING FEES 11$ especially during high gas prices their should be some acknowledgment of that burden--

And adds in another e-mail

.. have a specially colored ball /balls during batting practice for home and away teams--  when that ball finds its way into the outfield shaggers and they throw it into the stands--the person catching it gets to sit in the dug out pregame or for one inning that day or  next game--WOW WHAT A PROMOTION THAT WOULD BE AND ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Al Schiavino
Mohnton, Pa.


2, NFL exhibition games are a rip-off for ticket holders.
1, This year I bought partial Phillies season tickets and consider it a great investment. The experience in nice weather at the ball park is enjoyable. Especially so when the team is playing well. All the sellouts are proof of that.
Gregg Atzert

Riverside N.J.


2. I think the regular season and the preseason is too long. They need to cut 1 or 2 pre-season games without adding a regular season game. No one that actually makes the rosters plays much in the preseason and by the 15th and 16thj games teams are shutting down. Plus...I think the long season contributes to injuries.

Kyle Outting
North Philly



Larry Buzby
Ocean City, N.J.


1, I still love the park. Don't think I'd change much about the actual park. There are obviously some issues with lines on dollar dog nights and all, but as far as the park, it's great. I agree. we don't care about the short porch in left too much. I still think it's rare when you see a really cheap homer. Maybe 1-2 per home stand.

2, I don't like it. I'm a traditionalist and all of a sudden, you'll have different records for 16 game seasons and 17 game seasons. And 1000 yard seasons won't mean the same and all. I know they went from 14 to 16 in the past but I think they need to leave it be now.

Brian Ward
Blue Bell, Pa.


2.  I don't think adding a 17th regular season game will work well.  It would add a meaningless game which would throw out the balance of the current 16 game schedule.  However, I wouldn't mind seeing them drop a preseason game.

Trenton Hizer
Richmond, Va.


1, I haven't been to the Park yet this year, so no comment on the Phillies topic.

2, With regards to the NFL, I am in favor of Goodell's plan.  Well, actually, I'm in favor of getting rid of a pre-season game.  It is not fair to force season ticketholders to pay for a game that is meaningless and, at best, features starters for only half of the game.  If the league wishes to recoup the lost revenue by adding a 17th regular season game, I am okay with that.

Tim Hawthorne
Lansdale, Pa.


1, Most fans don't care about the dimensions but a purists like me does. Beautiful park, great sight lines but add 10 more feet to power alleys and 3 ft to leftfield wall----Priceless.

2, Go to 18 and 2 exhibition(max.) games.

Bill Shanahan


1, I only go to a few games a year, and find the new park just a positive experience. Of course, a winning team also does wonders for everyone's night/day at the ballpark.  Dimensions? Who's worried about the dimensions other than the visiting pitchers!

And, I also liked the choice of locally made brews available around the park. After visiting crowded Ashburn Alley, a walk around the park before sitting down is nice and an opportuinty to check out what's on tap! Brighthouse Field in Clearwater is a good prep for CBP. Tickets haven't really been a problem. Local bus trips sponsored by various gps are always a ready source, and easy way to go visit park.

Nelson Amey
Cape May County


2. Adding a REAL 17th game is a good move. The idea of making fans pay full-price for 4 exhibition games is a consumer ripoff. At least swapping one exhibition for one real game will reduce the ripoff by 25%. Plus, it could make for some more interesting playoff scenarios by adding that extra game. The players and their union may not like the idea because it could lead to more injuries of starting players. But from a fan perspective, Goodell is doing a good thing.

Jeff Brooks
Montgomeryville, Pa.


I think 2 things should happen in the NFL:

1. stop dancing around and add 4 teams in cities/areas that want them or could support them -- Los Angeles, Orlando, Toronto and San Antonio.  And I don't want to hear about the lawsuit the CFL will file when they move into Toronto ... the 2 billion in expansion fees (half a billion per team) and additional TV revenue would more than cover the costs 2. drop 2 preseason games (leaving each team 2, plus somebody plays in the hall of fame game), and add a "neutral-site" rookie scrimmage (like the Eagles vs. Pittsburgh in Hershey Stadium or State College) that is free (or very cheap) to the public, add 2 regular-season games and 3 weeks to the schedule, giving teams 18 games and 2 byes over 20 weeks, beginning in late August (each team gets a bye between weeks 5-9 and weeks 12-16).  That will help with injuries.  It would be great.

Else Burns
York, Pa.