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Publisher and CEO

From the publisher

Dear friends,

The above quotation from our co-founder is as relevant today as it was when the first edition of the Inquirer rolled off the presses. Almost two centuries later, the core purpose of our organization – to serve the people of the Philadelphia region – has remained the same.

Over the past decade, however, much has changed at the Inquirer. Years of ownership change and financial turmoil have taken their toll, but thanks to the vision and generosity of the late H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, we have emerged on stable footing.

Now a public benefit corporation, the Inquirer is locally owned by the non-profit Lenfest Institute for Journalism. A first-of-its-kind partnership, this means we have no shareholders, hedge funds or out-of-town corporate parents. Any profit we make goes back to sustaining our mission. All of us – our reporters, editors, salespeople, pressmen, drivers and digital technologists – answer to no one but you, the people.

Gerry Lenfest asked, “Where better than Philadelphia to invent the future of a free press?”

We have set out to define what that future looks like. We have unified the newsrooms of the Inquirer, the Daily News and, and have hired a strong crop of new journalists to infuse the organization with needed skill sets and talent to propel us into the future. This makes the Inquirer more diverse and more relevant than ever, and allows us to tell the story of Philadelphia – and all Philadelphians – from new and multiple perspectives.

Along with increasing the diversity and depth of our coverage, in the coming months we will launch “Spotlight PA,” a much-needed joint investigative news project with 12 full-time journalists who will shed light on issues of statewide importance, and “The Upside,” a new section dedicated to positive, feel-good stories about our community.

What was once literally just a “newspaper” is now a multi-platform news report – in print, digital, voice, video and more – delivered every day, at all hours.

Below, you will find a snapshot of the new kind of investigative and service journalism we have produced, most of it in just the past three months.

Even bigger changes are coming in the year ahead and we promise to keep you informed of them. In the meantime, please let me know how we are doing at


Terry Egger

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In 2018, our newly unified newsroom produced stories that invoked significant change, from city hall to public schools and beyond. We also brought you the events and personalities that celebrate what makes Philadelphia special. We do this work because we love our region.

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