Political cartoons: From impeachment to potholes, Signe Wilkinson’s favorites from 2019

The year 2019 will be remembered by many as a year of division, starting at the top. I know from my regular emailers that the divisions are not new or due to the current White House occupants, because they really began under President Barack Obama. (Though, apparently, the economic recovery did not.)

Several things have stayed the same throughout the last decade, like the inability to stem gun violence, improve our poorest schools, or pave Philadelphia’s potholed streets.

In Philadelphia we just reelected most of the people who have presided over our violent, potholed streets, though City Council did just manage to improve our tax abatement on new construction and ban most plastic bags.

In 2020 we will likely have a chance to vote for someone who doesn’t cuddle up to porn stars, racists, and dictators who use poison and dismemberment to quiet their critics. We the voters will be the impeachment jury.