What do you know about the Philadelphians killed by guns this year? At least know their names.

Published July 11, 2020

Even in a “normal” year, most of their stories would never be told.

At best they’d be reduced to a handful of lines in a media alert: “At 10:24 a.m., a 27-year-old Black male was shot multiple times to the chest. He was transported to Temple University Hospital by police and is currently listed in critical condition. Scene held. No arrest. No weapon recovered.”

And then: “Update: He was pronounced at 10:41 p.m.”

That’s it, an entire life ending in a paragraph that may not even make the daily newspaper.

In a year like this one, even fewer stories will be heard.

The cracks that gun violence victims usually fall through have been made wider this year by a pandemic that disproportionately kills Blacks and Latinos, despite a national reckoning on racial justice that has put the spotlight on inequality in America.

It’s hard not to wonder the difference that reckoning might have made had it come earlier for those who lost their lives under the same systemic racism.

To look at the ever-growing list of those killed by guns so far this year, some things are obvious: Most of the people whose lives were cut short were young, Black men, mostly in their 20s.

But that is not the beginning or the end. There was more to all of their lives. They were sons, brothers and friends. They were loved. They were here.

While we mark the lives and deaths of those we have lost to the coronavirus, we should do the same for those lost to an epidemic that has been raging mostly unchecked for years.

Help me do that. Send me a photograph of your loved one, call (215-854-5943), or email (hubinas@inquirer.com), and leave a remembrance.

We’re only halfway through the year, and as I write this column, 196 people have been fatally shot in the city as of July 9. By the time you read this, there will only be more.

At least for now, we should know their names:

Jhaquil Aguilar, 22
Zaki Al-Amin, 22
Marcus Alexander, 26
Khalil Ali, 27
Lonnie Allen, 51
Ronald Alston, 39
Thomas Aree-Laws, 30
Darrell Bailey, 26
Anthony Baker, 19
Donnell Ball, 46
Zzahmiere Best, 18
Jahlil Blackman, 27
Joel Bonano-Calzada, 45
Jabril Nasee Bruce, 19
Jermaine Burch, 44
Shakikya Burston, 23
Delfon Cain, 29
Angel Cencepcion, 28
Tyrone Chamberlain, 27
Joseph Charles, 22
Albert Chestnut, 67
Devin Clark, 27
David Cobb, 51
Erik Cook, 40
Javon Cooper, 24
Keith Dandridge, 20
David Daniels, 46
Joshua DeShields, 41
Anthony Dixon, 29
Khalil Dukes, 28
Melvin Dunn, 47
Kristian Eldridge, 27
Darrell Felton, 50
Salim Fitchett, 25
Quadir Ford, 23
Terrance Freeman, 29
Cornelius Fuller, 42
I. Dean Fulton, 43
Balil Gay, 29
James Glisson, 26
Rasoul Grant, 23
Timothy Greene, 33
Michael Greene, 30
Joseph K. Griffin, 30
Keon Hall, 20
Zafir Hall, 24
Tyree Hand, 19
Nyfeic Hawkins, 19
Lamar Hobson, 31
Ernest Hughston, 29
Tommy Hunter, 39
Omar Dante Jenkins, 22
Felix-Eduardo Jimenez-Rodriguez, 31
Herbert Johnson, 35
Byron Johnson, 51
Aamir Johnson-Daye, 18
David Adell Jones, 27
Amir Jones, 25
Steven Kee, 30
Jennifer Lavish, 28
Albert Lee, 27
Sergio Lopez, 33
Rasheed Marion, 43
Saeed Martin, 29
Vernon Mayes, 34
Kaliek McDonald, 22
Malik Milburn, 27
Melissa Moczulski, 37
Naziyr Moore, 37
Amir Moore, 21
Tavon Moore-Hall, 21
Ahmad Morales, 24
Robert Muckleston Jr., 38
Adrian Murrell, 19
Raheen Myers, 30
Christian Newsome, 29
Collin Norris, 28
Chris Odoms, 30
Ademola Oluhayodo, 53
Alberto Pagan, 61
Keith Palumbo, 36
Rymeek Peacock, 23
Jose Maxmiliano Peralta, 55
Francisco Peralta-Mezquit, 24
Desiree Perez, 38
Quasim Perrin, 24
Tyrek Perrin, 32
Jahsean Pitts, 16
James Pointer, 31
Raynard Powell, 30
Jahmil Presley-Harris, 23
Clyde Price, 46
Nasir Proctor, 20
Richard Pryor, 46
William Putt, 39
Darryl Quick, 26
Saleem Ransome, 22
Tahmir Redding, 25
Patrick Rhett, 31
Phillip Robbinson, 29
Bobby Robinson, 55
Tykeem Robinson, 25
Raisheem Rochwell, 23
Cahleel Rogers, 23
David Rosser, 33
Haddy Sacko, 18
Wesley Santiago, 19
Derrick Saunders, 22
Khalil Ali Simmons, 28
Durell Sims, 33
Javon Skinner, 26
Christian Slanger, 38
Nagir Smith, 26
Jonathan Smith, 33
Dahiem Smith-Myers, 19
Maurice Sorzano, 19
Kalil Stafford, 18
Steven Summerville, 29
Brent Swearingen, 39
Tyrik Taylor, 40
Allen Taylor, 34
Chris Thomas, 45
Dwight Tindal, 23
Hector Toro, 20
Yahmier Torrence, 23
Nicholas Troxell, 41
Frederick Tynes, 42
Robert Marlon Vann, 19
Yordani Vega, 19
Moises Velez, 45
Uriel Victorio-Estrada, 29
Angelo Walker, 15
Anthony Warren, 25
Cecil Warren, 33
Sean Washington, 38
Terrell Washington, 30
Calvin Weathers, 24
Brandon White, 31
Quincy White, 25
Lisa Wichser, 53
Wayne Wiggins, 27
Keith Wilkins, 33
Garry Williams, 37
Joseph Williams, 32
Tahj Williams, 17
Shaylene Williams, 26
David Williams, 18
Amir Williams, 26
Kenneth Williams, 27
Logan A. Williamson, 32
Tyrobert Wilson, 25
Maurice Wilson, 44
Nathaniel Wilson, 27
Carl Wilson, 38
Robert Wood, 21
Tyshawn Woods, 22
Charles Wynn, 43
Kevin Young, 30
Shaquann Ziegler, 23

This list is provided by the Philadelphia Police Department and may be incomplete. We will continue to update the list.