Just kidding (although thanks to his hair treatments from Dr. Pistone, he does look much younger than his actual age of 64!). But I do feel the Flyers are probably on the brink of doing something incredibly stupid -- they must, because how else are they going to win back Philadelphia's fickle sports attention otherwise. (Actually, they are starting re-tread Brian Boucher in goal tonight...so there!)

I mean, the Eagles started it when -- jealous of the Phillies who were getting attention for actually, you know, winning games -- they went out and signed first a notorious killer of dogs (Michael Vick) and then a popular has-been (Jeremiah Trotter), so then the more jealous and more pathetic 76ers one upped everyone by bringing back the most popular has-been of them all in Allen Iverson.

Even the Phillies are now in on this, sort of:

The Phillies have agreed to a deal with veteran infielder Placido Polanco to replace Pedro Feliz at third base, several sources confirmed today. The deal is expected to be announced once Polanco passes a physical, a formality for the durable former Detroit Tiger.

OK, the difference is that Polanco can actually play -- although there are some legitimate worries that he's starting to decline or about the fact he's been playing second base exclusively for the Tigers. On the whole, however, I think it's a good move, especially since he can give Chase Utley more days off at second -- which Utley desperately needs to get through an 162-game season.

When the Phillies bring back Mike Lieberthal, I'll start to worry.