Maybe it was the unwarranted attack on the Great American Hamburger, but God hurled a lightning bolt in the general vicinity of Attytood this morning and managed to accomplish what a few dozen angry conservatives have not -- shutting the blog down for a half a day.

I'm back but not for very long (more on that later).

Speaking of God and conservatives, I've been tuning into more right-wing talk radio recently (gotta stay fair and balanced somehow) and here's something I don't get. It's about liberty and personal freedom and people making choices -- that's what I heard Mark Levin telling Sean Hannity just now -- and then Levin adds that his best-selling book has an entire chapter on "faith."

Huh? If your philosophy is personal freedom, how much can you say about faith beyond: People are free to believe -- or not believe -- what they want. Period. A true conservative should be more tolerant of atheists and non-Christian religions, including Islam, but that's certainly not the vibe I pick up from them.