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Jimmy Rollins needs a new PR guy

J-Roll is only 5th in Alll-Star voting

We all know what Jimmy Rollins did in 2007 in winning the National Leagye MVP award, and after missing close to a month with a sprained ankle, he's just as good this year, off last year's career high pace in homers but raising his average to a current .312. Which can only mean one thing -- that he must be the 5th-best shortstop in the National League, worse than some guy named Ryan Theriot.

I guess Rollins is paying the price for all that time on the DL, but maybe the guy needs a new publicist, too. I'm willing to accept the argument that Florida's Hanley Ramirez is marginally better, but after that? Maybe the voters are rewarding Miguel Tejada for his feat of aging two years in one day.

That said, I don't think that Rollins is the member of the current Fab Four (with Brad Lidge as a kind of a "5th Beatle") who goes to Cooperstown. That honor goes to Chase Utley, especially when you compare what he's doing to other 2nd basemen in the history of baseball.