There's a new poll out this morning showing that Barack Obama is "winning" in Pennsylvania -- but it doesn't feel that way. A Mason-Dixon poll of Pennsylvania voters for NBC News -- which they've touted heavily on the air but haven't posted in detail on the Web for some reason -- shows Obama beating John McCain by 46-44 percent, which essentially means that it's a dead heat in a state that has voted Democratic in the last four presidential elections.

NBC's Chuck Todd has been saying that the underlying numbers show Obama underperforming among Catholics here and among Democrats in general, with an unusually large pool of "undecided" Democrats in the one-time steel-and-coal belt of Southwestern Pennsylvania. I put "undecided" in quotes because these voters received massive exposure to Obama in March and April -- if they're telling pollsters now that they haven't made up their minds...they probably really have.

Which is why Obama may NOT be winning in Pa. What's more, I'm getting a little exhausted watching dozens of pundits struggle with the question of "what does Obama needs to do" to win over these voters.  No one wants to answer that there's probably "nothing" he can do.

Dave Davies has been talking to the voters in our own mini-Rust Belt here in Northeast Philly, and what people tell him is revealing:

During the April 22 primary, a woman emerging from a Newtown, Bucks County, polling place said to a volunteer in an Obama T-shirt, "So you actually voted for Buckwheat?"
While both comments were atypical of interactions at the diner and polling place, Democratic leaders acknowledge that there is discomfort among some white voters.
Obama's name and his African heritage are obstacles to the party's chances of capturing the White House, party activists are finding.
"I'm hearing a lot of people saying, 'He's too young, he's too inexperienced,' " said Philadelphia AFL-CIO President Pat Eiding. "What they're really saying is, 'He's black.' "

I wonder if one of the people Eiding has been talking to has been Lorraine Bednarik, the Democratic 64th ward leader in Northeast Philly -- and an undecided voter:

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.