This was a pretty good weekend for a lot of people -- Eagles' fans, billionaires, and advocates for gay rights. You know who had a lousy weekend, however? John McCain. His furious back flips on ending "don't ask, don't tell," capped by his embarassing hissy fit of a speech on Saturday, tarnished what was left of McCain's tattered reputation:

Since then the field has grown as more and more try to reconcile the bitter angry old man driven by irrational grudges, deep hatred and endless rage over losing his run for the White House to a black man with the John McCain of the 2000 Presidential Campaign who would suck up to anybody and everybody who took the time to visit him on the mythical Straight Talk Express bus.

The dissonance that crazy bitter John McCain has created is spilling over and in the wake of today's DADT vote, it seems that the angry, hypocritical, vindictive John McCain is becoming the dominant McCain narrative. Good. It is about time.

It won't be long until our children will be flabbergasted that someone could stand up on the Senate floor and advocate against gay men and women serving openly in the U.S. military -- not unlike a pro-segregation speech from 1964 sounds today. The tragedy of John McCain is not so long ago he was moving in the right direction on this, until his political near-death experience at the hands of the Tea Party. It was little more than two years ago that McCain was just a twist or two of fate away from becoming the 44th president of the United States. Now his legacy is on the Cotton Tom Heflin fast track.