Candy Crowley, the host of CNN's Sunday program State of the Union, noted that Donald Trump, who has boasted he may run for president, has a higher favorability rating in a poll of Republican presidential candidates than several substantive possiblities.
"Well, it says more about the media than Donald Trump," said Sen. Lamar Alexander. "I mean, there's always someone like Donald Trump who runs who has absolutely no chance of winning and who is well known. I mean, he's famous for being famous. He may be good in business but he's not going to be president."
Finally, somebody blows the whistle on the guy with the dead weasel for a hairdo. Then again, Lamar Alexander throught plaid shirts, an excalamation point - Lamar! - and an unfamiliarity with the price of milk would get him the 1996 GOP nomination.
Here's a discussion on Crowley's show of the 2012 Republican campaign.