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Single Digits (May 8)

Single Digits

A half-dozen quick stats that caught our attention recently ...

♦ There were 185 wide receivers that caught passes in the NFL in 2013. Their height was split almost exactly between being 6-foot and under (91 players) and 6-1 and over (94 players). The taller of those two factions had over 300 more catches, averaged a yard-and-a-half more per catch and scored 106 more touchdowns. For a full inch-by-inch breakdown, go HERE.

♦ The Flyers have reached the playoffs in 30 of the 34 regular seasons that have ended with Paul Homgren somewhere in their organization (player, coach, scout, general manager, etc.) ... They missed the postseason in five of the 12 seasons in which he was not with the franchise at the season's final buzzer.

♦ When Blue Jays lefthander Mark Buehrle took the mound against the Phillies Wednesday, it was his 436th consecutive start without a trip to the disabled list.

♦ The Phillies have scored in just one of their last 35 innings at bat.

♦ The Phillies are 8-2 in day games ... 7-14 in night games.

♦ Three Phillies (Carlos Ruiz, Marlon Byrd and Chase Utley) are on a pace to hit 50 doubles. Only two Phillies (Chuck Klein, twice, and Bobby Abreu) have done that.