Hollywood came to Widener University this week.

Advanced Studio Technologies, based in North Hollywood, is installing a "Cyc" wall (short for cyclorama wall), also known as a "Green Screen," which will allow the university to create any kind of backdrop for a film shoot, photography or news cast.

One day, it may be a sidewalk cafe in Paris, the next a tropical island. Green screens are commonly used in weather forecasts when a large map appears behind the meteorologist.

The nine-foot tall, curving wall is going up at Freedom Hall, the university's new academic building for communication studies, computer science and informatics.

"Widener communication students will have access to the same technology used by some of the most famous multimedia studios in Los Angeles and New York City," the university said.

"It's pretty darn authentic," said Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer, director of communication studies, who has been watching the wall go up this week.

The university paid about $19,000 for the wall, an investment that will pay off, DeWerth-Pallmeyer said.

"It's a lot cheaper in the long run," he said. "You're not having to build sets all the time."

Advanced Studio Technologies also has installed Green Screens at colleges in California and at major companies, including IBM and Google, said Manny Martinez, the company's project manager. The companies use the walls for commercial and product shoots, he said.