A King of Prussia man is the new king of Atlantic City "bad beat" poker jackpots.

Sunday night at the Trump Taj Mahal poker room, John Bezela won a record $336,057--one half of the prize pool's total--after his four 7s lost to four aces, thus triggering the bonus award that is in effect when four of a kind loses to a higher hand. The 84-year-old Bazela's payoff marks the highest "bad beat" prize ever paid in Atlantic City, topping last year's hit at Caesars Atlantic City by almost $120,000.

A player identified only as Jake K. of Queens, N.Y. held the "quad" aces in the $2-$4 limit Texas Hold'Em game, for which he recived $168,028. Seven of the other eight players who were originally dealt in the hand each made $24,004.

The other player, identified as Beverly Joskowitz of Bayonne, N.J., was away from the table at the time the bad beat jackpot was hit having, as it turned out, what is most llikely the most expensive meal of her life. About 20 minutes before the fateful hand was dealt, Joskowitz left the game to grab a bite to eat.

According to reports, Bazela will be turning over his prize to his 55-year-old daughter.