Gov. Christie sat a table next to (fake) President Lincoln, accepted a (real) statuette called the Lincoln Award and then delivered a highly Republican speech to at the Union League in Center City today.
Christie mocked both his Democratic predecessor, Jon Corzine, and his Democratic adversary in Trenton, State Senate Stephen Sweeney (D., Gloucester) in recapping his first 13 months in office.
He framed himself as a national leader on issues he calls the "big things" - reiterating the theme I examined in an article today - and said that politicians of all stripes, from Democratic legislators to President Obama, were following his lead in recognizing that government spending needs to be brought under control.
The Republican governor drew laughs from the well-heeled Union League members and their guests when he recounted one of his favorite stories: About how he had three options for state health insurance when he became governor - a good plan, a mediocre plan and a poor plan - but all three plans cost the same.
Christie's first reaction was to ask for the names of all the employees who chose the worst health plan, because "they are too stupid to be in government, and that's a low bar."
Christie, of course, took the best plan.