UPDATE: Missed the show? HERE is my story from backstage.
Two Jersey boys hit late-night TV tonight for the interview we've all I've been waiting for.
For the first time ever, Central Jersey's Jon Stewart will interview North Jersey's Chris Christie on "The Daily Show" (Comedy Central, 11 p.m.). There's real potential for hilarious and insightful repartee, because they're both fast on their feet and game for a good tangle. Plus, they're a natural pairing: They're the same age (50), they have the same hero (Bruce Springsteen) and they have the same favorite team (Mets).
And although their politics are widely different, Christie is a Jon Stewart kind of Republican. Stewart tends to appreciate iconoclastic Republicans (pre-2008 John McCain, for example), and he credited Christie for his bipartisan handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He said Christie "kicked crazy ass during the storm."
But we should also hope for some tough questions about some of the things Stewart has called Christie out for. Consider this bit, below, in which Stewart notes that Christie wants to challenge federal law in approving sports betting in New Jersey, but won't challenge federal law in approving marijuana legalization. Christie has said that everyone is already betting; but, Stewart notes, isn't everyone also already getting high?
I'll file updates from the show. Stay tuned.