Attention family, friends and others who texted, called and emailed today: I was not the reporter whom Gov. Christie called an idiot and questioned the intelligence of on Saturday. (And that is unfortunate, because it would have totally given me a bounce in my Twitter numbers.) 
On Saturday, Gov. Christie did two things. First, he used his extraordinary constitutional powers to command the Legislature to return to the Statehouse on Monday and vote on his plan to cut taxes. A few hours later, he held a press conference in Monmouth County about a water main break, and reporters showed up to ask about the news he broke earlier.
I wasn't at the press conference, but apparently Christie made it clear that he would not be taking questions on anything other than the water emergency. But a reporter had the gall -- some would say "duty" -- to try to violate that rule.
Bergen Record's Chris Harris: "Governor, on Monday, are you going to be addressing the Legislature?"

Gov: "Did I say on topic? Are you stupid? On topic! On topic! Next question." [No more questions were forthcoming.] "Thank you all very much and I'm sorry for the idiot over there. Take care." 

I've heard Christie tell a columnist to "get a life." I've heard him use words like "jerk," "numbnuts" and "SOB" (just last week!) to describe lawmakers. Last week, the Bergen Record did a rundown of some of Christie's more notable insults, suggesting that they could be tactical in nature.
In other words, to the Trenton press corps, Saturday's exchange was not unusual.
But it is unusual for politicians in general, so the story got tremendous play around the country. Check out CNN's take, below.
(For his part, Harris tweeted today that his feelings were not hurt.)