Gov. Christie is holding an 11 am press conference at the statehouse Thursday, and I'm looking for questions. Got any? Leave them in the comments.
For ideas, check out our last two stories from Trenton:


The ink was barely dry on the 215-page New Jersey Supreme Court decision Tuesday ordering more money for schools when Gov. Christie seized the political moment in a hot Cherry Hill Armory where the New Jersey Army National Guard runs drills.

"You don't elect the Supreme Court; you don't expect them to be making law," Christie told several hundred people gathered at his weekly traveling town hall.

"But today, they made law. Because today, they sent an appropriations bill for $500 million that was not passed by the Legislature, that was not signed by the governor. Go to the Constitution and tell me, how the hell did they get away with that?"

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Gov. Christie plans to seek approval for a proposal that would deny Medicaid coverage to adults in a family of four with an annual household income of little more than $6,000, down from the current $30,000.

A single mother raising three children who earned as little as $118 a week would not qualify for the government-funded medical coverage.

The eligibility-requirement change, which must be cleared by the Obama administration and would apply only to new adult Medicaid applicants, would follow Christie's eliminating - for the second year - a long-standing line item that would provide nearly $7.5 million in funding to family-planning clinics.

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