Gov. Christie spent four hours this morning co-hosting the Boomer & Carton show on WFAN 660, the sports radio station in New York. He listens to the show every morning, he says, and is a friend of one of the hosts, Craig Carton, since Carton's controversial days at New Jersey 101.5 FM. In case you didn't get up at 6 am to listen this morning, as I did, here's eight things you missed:

1) "What do you want him to do, hang himself?" The topic of the morning was Jets Coach Rex Ryan's decision to put quarterback Mark Sanchez into the end of a meaningless pre-season game against the Giants Saturday night. Sanchez got injured, and Ryan refused to acknowledge the mistake at a subsequent news conference. A jazillion times this morning, Christie defended his friend Ryan for not admitting guilt: "What do you want him to do, hang himself?"

2) "When reporters act like jerks you need to treat them that way back. They don't have some vaulted status in our society that they get to act like jerks and not be treated like a jerk back." This was the governor going off on New York Daily News Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta, who had the temerity to question Coach Ryan's decision. Christie said he would have told the reporter: "You're an idiot. Don't ask stupid questions." He called Mehta a "complete idiot, self-consumed, underpaid reporter."

3) "Can you believe that dope?" A guy at a Mets game that Christie attended last week was wearing the jersey of Collin Cowgill, who started the season for the Mets in centerfield but was quickly demoted. The "dope," of course, is the guy still wearing the jersey in August.

4) "They will be smores at the bonfire tonight...when I burn them." On the Yankees jerseys that he received as gifts on the show. One of the jerseys read "Gov. President Christie."

5) Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman is "God awful" and her co-announcer John Sterling "turns my stomach." The Mets, meanwhile, have the best broadcast team in baseball, he declared.   

6) "If there's any team that I hate almost as much as the Yankees, it's the Philadelphia Phillies." He also said Ruben Amaro is an "awful" general manager, and Charlie Manuel's firing was handled "disgracefully."

7) "Blinding snowstorm during the game -- it'd be amazing." The SuperBowl next year will be held in New Jersey at the Meadowlands. Although Christie has to win re-election in order to preside over the game as governor, his attendance was discussed as a fait accompli. Christie said he hopes the elements -- a snowstorm -- make the game more exciting.

8) "What can I say, it's gutsy. I can't be like Hillary Clinton, changing my teams." On his support for the Dallas Cowboys, Christie gets in a 2016 dig.