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City Price Tag for Nutter's Trip To PA Society

So we have a few more details on the mayor's trip to Pennsylvania Society in New York City this weekend. As we reported before,

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g. Nutter's political committee will cover his expenses.

Nutter's press office today gave us the price tag for the city. Nutter's two-person security team will spend three nights in a hotel at a cost of $3,551.66. And train travel for the security officers and an aide will cost $404.

That's a total of $3,955.66.

Nutter's aide Jordan Schwartz will be traveling up to NYC and back on Friday and will not require a hotel room. The press office said Schwartz was going on Friday because the mayor has meetings that relate to city business. Schwartz will not staff Nutter on Saturday, when --

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reports -- his political committee will

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