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Sharif Street isn’t taking any chances. He has run for office three times, for the state House in 2002 and 2010 and City Council in 2007. Each time, the son of former Mayor John Street came up short.

His chances look better this year. Street ran unopposed in the Democratic primary election for the state Senate’s Third District seat, which is opening due to the retirement of state Sen. Shirley Kitchen, who endorsed Street. There is no Republican candidate in that district for the Nov. 8 general election.

That doesn’t mean Street isn’t out campaigning.  We’ve see him everywhere during the DNC.  And on Thursday we saw something familiar -- his dad’s old conversion van, dubbed the MayorMobile during his time in City Hall.

The younger Street has wrapped both sides of the van, top to bottom, with campaign ads -- “Vote for Hillary Clinton, Vote for Sharif Street.”  It looks good.  Well, one side does.  Somebody took a black Sharpie marker to the other side, drawing a mustache on Clinton’s face. The culprit is unknown and we’re not pointing any fingers. But our money is on whoever vandalized that police cruiser on Broad Street. Or maybe that Bernie Bro who dumped water on Geraldo. 

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Staff writers Chris Brennan and William Bender contributed to this report.