Has a new chapter begun in the saga of Latrice Bryant, City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr.'s controversial chief legislative aide?

City Hall began buzzing this morning over postings on a private Facebook page that appears to belong to Bryant. In several posts that were provided to PhillyClout by multiple sources, she suggests that Goode asked her to marry him.

"Is it okay for your boss to ask you to marry him or her? What happens if you say no?" said one posting this morning that reportedly has since been deleted.

A later post read: "Would you sell your soul to the devil for 90k? Would you sell it for less in the recession?"

Bryant's salary was $90,000 last year, but has been decreased to $85,500.

PhillyClout went to Goode's office to get to the bottom of the story. Goode said he had not seen the Facebook postings, declined to hear what they said and refused to answer questions about whether he had proposed.

"I haven't read it and I'm not interested in knowing about it," Goode said. "I'm not going to discuss it at all."

Goode then physically blocked PhillyClout from speaking to Bryant on our way out of the office. "My staff is not allowed to talk to the media," he said.

Bryant drew media attention in the fall for holding up signs in City Council calling Fox 29 racist after a reporter pursued her for a story about her attending to personal business while logged in as working at City Hall. Photos later emerged showing her on vacation with Goode in Jamaica.