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Who's Paying for the Mayor to go to PA Society?

Next weekend, local and state politicians will gather in New York City for the annual

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, two days of breakfasts, dinners and cocktail parties for the state’s political elite.

Mayor Nutter, of course, will be in attendance. Remembering the

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over the fact that the city paid for Nutter’s aides to attend Democratic Convention, we asked who was covering Nutter’s expenses in the Big Apple.

Now, this isn’t exactly the same situation as in August. Back then, Nutter, whose personal travel to the Denver convention was paid for by his campaign fund, took heat because city money was used to send staffers to a political event. City workers are barred from doing political work. Nutter maintained that his staff was there to aid him, not participate in politics.

Unlike the convention, the Pennsylvania Society is officially considered a non-partisan, non-political gathering.

Nutter’s campaign will pay for his train fare and hotel expenses, said spokesman Luke Butler. “When possible to relive the burden on the city, the campaign will pay for the mayor,” Butler said.

But the city will pay for an aide and security officers to travel with the mayor, because putting them on the campaign dime would imply they are doing political work, which is forbidden.

We're still waiting to find out what the price tag is for the city. We'll let you know...