Here you have it: The 90-second trailer from Marvel's Daredevil, the action thriller that launches on Netflix on April 10.

What do you think? Pretty dark and brooding, AMIRITE?

Those who remember the original comic book crime-fighter may have trouble recognizing the TV version. He's still blind lawyer Matt Murdock by day and acrobatic vigilante Daredevil by night. But the costume has definitely undergone some Ninja Turtle alterations. And apparently he's now a Catholic. ("Bless me father…").

The hero in this version is played by Charlie Cox, the poor man's Colin Farrell. (I mean that as a compliment.) Interestingly Farrell played a villain named Bullseye in 2003 movie adaptation of Daredevil that starred Ben Affleck. The main baddie, Kingpin, was played by Michael Clarke Duncan. In the TV version, it will be Vincent D'Onofrio.

Notice any other changes?

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