It's a scene right out of Spartacus. "I am the locker room guy." "I am the locker room guy." If everybody is the locker room guy then no one can be the lockerroom guy. Either way, Tom Brady is completely exonerated of Deflategate. The Patriots totally belong in the Super Bowl. All the blame falls on this guy….or rather these guys.

On Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, a number of Bean Eaters from Massachusetts stepped up to claim responsibility for taking the air out of the balls used by the Patriots in their AFC championship win. All their reasons sound pretty convincing and their Boston accents are authentic.

"I squeezed all the balls wicked hard," says one.

Most of these guys need no introduction: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Steven Tyler and John Krasinski. But whose the culprit with all that facial hair? Hint: He played Captain America twice.

Shouldn't that part have gone to Tommy Brady?

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