The hour-long finale of Two and Half Men on Thursday night was seen by 13.2 million viewers, the largest audience for the sitcom in more than decade.

It was full of sly self-referential jokes, about the obviousness of the show's humor, the volatility of original star Charlie Sheen and the widely held opinion that the series had held on long past its prime. But the last gag came straight out of silent film comedies.

All through the episode which featured appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Stamos, Christian Slater and the return of Angus T. Jones (who was the ½ man in the show's titular formula), we were teased with the return of Sheen, who helped make the program TV's most successful comedy.

In the clip you see from behind a figure who looks and dresses very much like Charlie approaching the front door of the Malibu house.

In the end the creator and producer of the show, Chuck Lorre, had the last laugh, uttering Sheen's strange catch phrase before meeting the same fate. There should have been a cartoonish graphic, like in the old Batman series, that read "SPLAT!!".


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