(This post has been updated from its original version.)

An elderly former school volunteer who was arrested for possession of child pornography yesterday told police that he wasn't looking at the horrific images for sexual arousal because "I can't get excited anymore ... I'm too old," according to his arrest affidavit.

Internet investigators from Delaware County allegedly discovered Daniel Toy, 81, of Port Richmond, possessed numerous videos and images of child pornography on his computer and that he shared those files in online networks, detectives said.

When state troopers executed a search warrant on the house Toy shares with his wife and son and asked Toy why he was looking at child porn, he told investigators "Curiosity ... I wanted to see what other people are doing," according to the affidavit. When asked if he was sexually aroused while looking at the images, Toy allegedly said "I can't get excited anymore ... I'm too old," according to the affidavit.

Toy formerly volunteered at the Richmond Elementary School, Belgrade and Ann streets in Port Richmond, as a front-desk assistant. He hasn't volunteered there in more than a year, though, according to a school district spokeswoman.

Toy was charged with possession of child pornography and related offenses and released on $50,000 bail.