The family of a West Philly woman who was critically injured by her neighbor has started an online fund to help pay for her medical costs.

Mary Pitts-Devine, 46, has been in the hospital since March 8, when her neighbor, Steven Outlaw, shot her eight times during an argument, police said.

After shooting her in the first-floor stairwell of the apartment building they both lived in, on Spruce Street near 45th, Outlaw, 53, walked into his apartment and fatally shot himself in the head.

Police sources said the two had a longstanding feud, and that Outlaw made wild claims about Pitts-Devine, including that she tried to flood his apartment and was wiretapping his phones. None of those claims were true.

In the weeks since the incident, Pitts Devine "has gone through several operations to restore her body" and is making "remarkable progress," her brother Eric Pitts wrote on the GoFundMe page he created for her.

"Her road to recovery will be tedious and will include more extensive surgeries, substantial physical therapy, and professional counseling," Pitts said, noting his sister lost her left eye in the attack and suffered major internal injuries

Pitts' goal is to raise $300,000 to support his sister's medical expenses as well as the work done by her nonprofit. Pitts-Devine, a La Salle University graduate, founded Prophetic Presentations, an entertainment firm that "speaks to the hearts of mankind via the arts."