Well, through the magic of flex scheduling, TV, which is responsible for this whole Eagles mess, in the humble opinion of your Eagletarian, has made Sunday's Eagles-Cowboys game a 4:15 affair, instead of the previously scheduled 1 pm. Who says the networks don't care about the burdens they shift onto the players?

After taking away two days of preparation from the Birds by changing Eagles-Vikings to tomorrow night, TV has taken pity and added back more than 3 full hours to the prep time. We're certain Andy Reid will use it wisely.

Some thoughts on the fallout over the postponement of the Vikings game: I was really surprised, and at first I thought it was a huge overreaction. Moving the game all the way to Tuesday really is indefensible; there would be no public safety issues with playing tonight that haven't been faced many times before, as recently as last season.

This was strictly so Monday Night Football wouldn't lose a huge market tonight, and so NBC wouldn't lose out on a national Michael Vick ratings bonanza. But the business of playing Sunday night is more complicated. It's easy for people who don't carry any responsibility to call the people who do "wimps." Fact is, when TV moved the Vikings game to 8 pm, it really changed the equation.

The 1948 championship game was played in a blizzard, in the days when stadiums held half as many people as today, long before people who lived 50 or 100 miles away regularly bought season tickets. To say everybody could have just taken public transportation is incredibly facile.

The fact is, many thousands of people would have been clogging the highways, in the dark, in the teeth of the storm. One fatal accident would have made a decision to play a horribly, irredeemably wrong one. The real issue here is the move from 1 pm to 8, made just two weeks earlier, for TV.

Night games this time of year, here, are a roll of the dice. That move was a bad idea. The game could and should have been played at 1, when the snow had barely started. One prediction: If the Eagles somehow lose tomorrow night, we will never hear the end of this controversy. It will threaten to overshadow a surprisingly successful season.