Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback at takes a look at the Donovan McNabb contract and has some added details from Eagles president Joe Banner. King titled the item the "The McNabb deal makes sense, there is nothing sinister about it."

Banner insists that McNabb never demanded a new deal and that discussions with the quarterback and agent Fletcher Smith were always cordial.

"It was never even remotely threatening with Donovan and [agent] Fletcher Smith," Banner said. "It was literally quite cordial. At the end of the conversation we had with them after the season, they said, 'Would you be interested in looking at the contract?' And we said yes.''

Banner said the deal took six or seven conversations with Smith and said the contract "yelled out that it needed to be adjusted."

Banner has been clear in the last few weeks that he does not compare situations among players, most notably the Eagles' willingness to rework McNabb's contract with two years remaining and unwillingness to rework Sheldon Brown's deal, which has four years remaining.

In a recent conversation with the Daily News, Banner said that many agents are looking for security for their clients because of the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming end to the current collective bargaining agreement.

Despite a public perception that the Eagles push extensions at players who later regret signing them, he said: "I can't think of a player who has 2 years or less left on their contract, that we haven't been approached by and asked to do an extension."


In other news ...

* The NFL Network announced that Matt Millen will join Bob Papa for its eight-game package of Thursday night games that begins in November. Millen was a great analust with Fox before he became a terrible general manager with the Detroit Lions. Papa is the radio voice of the New York Giants.

* Reports indicate that Greg Ellis, released by the Cowboys, will sign a 3-year deal with the Oakland Raiders. So much for all that Matt Mosely/ESPN hype about Ellis potentially joining the Eagles.