Lots of fans will miss the tradition, the ambience of Eagles training camp at Lehigh, but so far, one of the team's contentions about the benefits of moving camp to Philadelphia is being borne out.

An Eagles spokesman said about 130,000 free tickets to the five training camp dates at Lincoln Financial Field have been distributed in the first two days since they became available. Originally, only the lower bowl was designated, but Thursday the team made 6,500 upper-bowl seats available, and said it will continue opening up sections as needed in the 69,144-seat Linc.

There were a lot more public sessions at Lehigh, usually a dozen or more per summer, but the Eagles said average attendance there was around 8,500 a day. It seems likely quite a few more fans will see the Eagles this summer, or at least, they've reserved that option by putting in for the free tickets. Of course, a few hundred fans -- mostly people with connections to sponsors and the like -- will be able to watch the daily sessions at NovaCare.

Rookies report to NovaCare July 22, veterans July 25. The first Linc practice is scheduled for July 28, with subsequent workouts there Aug. 5, Aug. 11, Aug. 17 and Aug. 26, each session beginning at 12:30.

So far, the first session seems very popular with ticket seekers, the Eagles said, as does the Aug. 11 date, which involves a LeSean McCoy bobblehead promotion.

The Eagles have trained at Lehigh evrery year since 1996. They haven't held camp in Philly since World War II.

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