At the league meetings in California last month, Andy Reid was asked if he might be interested in trading for a top-flight wide receiver if one was available.

``I'll always look at something if there is a great player out there, and it doesn't matter what position,'' the Eagles coach said. ``I'm always looking to better our football team.''

Well, he's going to get a chance to prove that, because the Arizona Cardinals announced Wednesday that they are willing to listen to trade offers for unhappy wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt acknowledged that a few teams already have inquired about Boldin. And while he said it still is the franchise's hope to sign Boldin to a new deal, he said they are willing to listen to trade offers.

``I think it would be foolish from our standpoint not to listen to those opportunities and see what actually exists,'' Whistenhunt told reporters. ``Our position on Anquan has been consistent and our goal hasn't changed.

``Reaching an agreement on a new contract has been, and continues to be, the preferred result. But there are other options. Those do include fielding offers about a trade.''

Both Whisenhunt and Cardinals general manager Rod Graves declined to mention which teams already have called about Boldin.

``I think the fact that we're coming out and acknowledging we're willing to listen (to trade offers) does not mean we haven't listened in the past,'' Graves told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. ``In my opinion, it's not a change in position. We're just acknowledging publicly that we are evaluating those interests.''

When asked Tuesday whether the Eagles had had any conversations with teams regarding a trade for a veteran wide receiver or an offensive tackle, general manager Tom Heckert said, ``No, not really. You hear all these rumors. But nobody's called and said they wanted to trade this guy or that guy.''

Boldin still has two years left on his current contract, but wants a new deal. He is due to make $2.75 million this year and $3 million next year. Any team that trades for Boldin would almost certainly have to give him the new deal he wants. His asking price is believed to be in the $10 million-a-year neighborhood.