It seems more and more unlikely that the Eagles are going to be able to do better than Nick Foles in next spring's NFL draft. Chip Kelly seemed to acknowledge that in his Monday morning appearance on 94WIP, saying "I hope Nick's here for a long time."

Naturally, this was something reporters wanted to pursue in Kelly's day-after news conference. Kelly seemed intent on emphasizing that Foles is his quarterback as long as he stays healthy, that he feels designating someone a starter, no matter what, is meaningless. Kelly asked reporters who Green Bay's quarterback is. (It's Aaron Rodgers, whether he's healthy right now or not. Your Eagletarian tried to engage the Chipper on this point, but Kelly continued to insist that somehow because Rodgers wasn't the Packers' QB last Thursday, when they lost to the Lions, he isn't their starter. Your Eagletarian likes the coach and thinks he's doing a great job, but this is fiddle-faddle. And Kelly surely knows it is, but he's going to tell us what he wants, when he wants. As he showed last summer, Kelly isn't going to be pushed into naming anybody anything before he's ready to do so.)

Finally, as the exchange with various reporters continued, Kelly declared Foles the starter "for the next 1,000 years here." We're not sure, but he might have been just a little facetious there.

Other topics of discussion:

*Kelly said the Eagles' problems closing out wins have several sources. One thing is that defenses are stacking against the run, daring them to pass, knowing they'd rather not pass, late in a game with a lead, because they want the clock to keep running.

*Kelly had no update on any injuries.

*Kelly again defended the Brad Smith first-and-goal play, on which the former Missouri quarterback fumbled the snap and put the Birds on the road to kicking a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown. Kelly said if it worked, it would have been a great play, but since it didn't, it was a stupid play. He didn't not address a questioner's observation that taking the ball out of Nick Foles' hands in the red zone is a questionable idea, in and of itself.

*Kelly said there was no problem in the locker room transitioning from Michael Vick to Nick Foles, because of the respect Foles has earned and because of the team-first way Vick has handled the situation.