If you are waiting to find out whether the Eagles game against Dallas in Week 17 will be a Sunday night affair, you will have to wait a little longer.

The deadline for a decision is usually 12 days before the game — which was yesterday. However, the NFL allows for more time when it comes to the finale.

A league spokesman said the NFL would prefer to make the decision after Sunday's games, but if Monday's Green Bay-Chicago result factors into the NFC playoff race, the decision would come after that game.

Other than Dallas-Eagles, the other games that could warrant serious consideration are Miami-Jets, in which the AFC East title could be at stake, or Giants-Minnesota.

What could help swing the decision in favor of an AFC matchup is that five of the six games selected for Sunday night were Fox games. The spokesman acknowledged that was a consideration but said "nothing was set in stone."

League rules permit up to three teams to play in prime time six times. The maximum was five times, with an exception for one team. That was changed with the advent of flex scheduling.