Officiating remained a hot topic Tuesday at NovaCare, in the wake of Arizona coach Bruce Arians saying Monday that he was sending "about 15" plays for the league to review from Sunday's loss to the Eagles.

Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis talked of getting a feel for how each crew is calling a game.

"It's very obvious right now with all the games that have been played ... the offensive players and the defensive players are allowed to have a little bit more contact," Davis said. "As long as you don't knock them off their route, they don't knock us off ours, it's just what they're doing. In each game, we tell the DBs and the guys in coverage, 'learn how they're calling this particular game. How is this crew calling this game? And if they're allowing more, then do more. If they're not allowing more, then do less.' Just play from there and tell 'em that every now and then, we're going to get a call against us, and every now and then, they're going to get them."

Davis said: "The officiating always levels out -- over the course of the season, you win some, you lose some. They do a good job out there. We'll never be the ones to complain or be overboard with what happened out there."

More tidbits from the coordinators:

*Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur echoed Chip Kelly's words about liking bigger players. He noted that as the game goes on and players get tired, Riley Cooper doesn't get any shorter.

*Davis said third-and-long, on which the Cards scored two of their three touchdowns Sunday, remains a concern. He's still working to find the best pass rush-coverage mix there.

*Davis said Earl Wolff is "day to day."

*Asked to compare Larry Fitzgerald, whom the Eagles just saw, to this week's challenge, Calvin Johnson, Davis said "they're similar players in that they're big-bodied, go up and get the ball, away from their body they snatch it well out of the air, but where Fitzgerald is one of the top (receivers) in the NFL, Calvin is THE best."