Perhaps it is the burden of being the Eagles quarterback, perhaps it is the unique plight of Donovan McNabb, but whenever an issue emerges on the Philadelphia sports scene, no matter the sport, McNabb is asked to weigh in.

So, it came as no surprise when McNabb was asked about Jimmy Rollins' recent comments during the quarterback's news conference Monday at the NovaCare Complex.

You might have read elsewhere that Rollins called the fans "front-runners" and then later said the Phillies could benefit from more support and less booing.

Here was McNabb's take on the situation: "When a question is asked, you answer it and you try to answer it correctly. That's the way he felt and he expressed that. Some people can't take it; some people don't understand what he's talking about. He has never backed down from what he said. People laughed at him when he said they would win the NL East and then as the season continued on, everybody started getting excited about it. Jimmy is a good friend of mine; it's sad that he has to go through something like this, but I'm sure he'll pull himself out of it and they will get that win streak and hopefully be in the World Series."