NEW ORLEANS --- Eagles coach Andy Reid seemed to unofficially open the bidding for quarterback Kevin Kolb last week in remarks to the team's Web site, and he confirmed to the Daily News this weekend that teams are calling with offers.

Of course, nothing can happen until there is a new collective bargaining agreement or a court injunction forces the NFL to reopen for business.

"We'll just see" if the league is still locked down at draft time, Reid told the Daily News yesterday. "We're just sitting back taking calls. Quite a few people are calling."

One of those calls appears to have been a team willing to give the Eagles a first-round pick for Kolb, according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King. Citing a "good source," King said the Eagles are now looking to see if a team with a higher draft choice in the first round is willing to make a "better deal." He did not identify the team that made the initial offer.

Asked this morning about King's report, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, in New Orleans for the NFL meetings, did not deny it. He didn't exactly confirm it, either, but he definitely didn't deny it.

"There's a lot of interest in Kevin Kolb," Roseman said.

Could the Eagles come to a wink-and-nod agreement, pending resolution of the CBA dispute?

"You can have trade discussions, but until the CBA is done, you cannot complete a trade," Roseman said.

Roseman did not wink or nod while saying that, but he smiled enigmatically.

One of the possible scenarios that has been discussed is that if the players get an injunction against the lockout, the league would have to impose rules and reopen operations, while appealing. Then if the owners won their appeal, the league would shut down again. But one would think you could trade a QB for a draft pick or picks during this window of opportunity, if you had the deal already lined up and ready to go. Which, of course, they could never admit doing. (Insert your own wink/nod here.)

Bear in mind, we don't know for sure someone has offered a first-rounder. The way these things work, it behooves the team trying to create a market to leak the idea that some anonymous team is ready to meet its price. Other suitors are less likely to lowball, unless they are confident the report is false.

But a number of NFL people believe Kolb represents solid value in a draft year when the only slam-dunk NFL-ready star QB, Stanford's Andrew Luck, decided to stay in college.

Writes King: "I'd trade a very high draft pick to acquire Kolb instead of drafting one of the quarterbacks available this year. I'd want to reduce the risk of making a mistake high in the draft by taking the safe guy with ability? Kolb's 26. He's a coach's son. He's had some struggles running the Eagles offense in his seven career starts, but I saw him ruin the soon-to-be Super Bowl champion Saints with a 391-yard strafing in 2009; he played well enough to rout the playoff-bound Falcons and throw for 326 yards last season. We've seen him do it. All the rookies have question marks. I know I'd sleep better at night with Kolb on my team this summer."


In some other items:

* Compensatory draft picks and the opening weekend schedule are not expected to be announced during the annual meetings, according to various reports. The picks could be announced as soon as next week. The NFL has said the full regular season schedule will be not announced nexth month as usual. It is unclear if a separate announcement will be made for the marquee games and opening weekend.

* The vote on proposed rule changes will be tomorrow.

* Also, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will address the media, rather than today as scheduled. Lead negotiator Jeff Pash will talk to the media today at 2 p.m.

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