Michael Vick was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the second consecutive week. He becomes the first quarterback to do that since Randall Cunningham with the Vikings in 1998 for Weeks 4 and 5.

Also, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has requested Vick's jersey from last night's game. A Hall spokesman said the Eagles have said the jersey will be sent to be displayed in the Hall.


The Eagles played the first of four games over 18 days last night with a win over Washington, and the first of three prime-time games in that span.

The one game that was to begin at 1 p.m. at Chicago no longer begins at that time. The NFL announced time changes for Week 12, with the Eagles-Bears game moving into a national spot at 4:15 on Fox on Nov. 28.

The Tampa Bay at Baltimore game also was moved to 4:15 on Fox. The Sunday night game -- San Diego at Indianapolis -- remains the same on NBC.

The Eagles host the Giants at 8:20 this Sunday night on NBC, go to Chicago for the 4:15 game and then have a quick turnaround with a Thursday home game on Dec. 2 against visiting Houston at 8:20 (NFL Network and Channel 17).

Corrected: The Eagles also have a prime-time game scheduled the following week -- Dec. 12 at Dallas, a Sunday night game on NBC.

The Birds are a hot ticket around the NFL these days, with the Michael Vick Show and their high-powered offense.

Speaking of which, the big question now becomes how the Eagles ensure Vick's return, with No. 7 scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent. Presumably, there will be something akin to the franchise tag in whatever collective bargaining agreement emerges in 2011. Chances are just about nil that the Birds won't either sign Vick to a new deal or franchise him.

Vick's agent, Joel Segal, didn't want to discuss any of that, even hypothetically, when contacted by the Daily News today. "I will have no comment on anything relating to contract negotiations," said Segal, which definitely put a crimp in our conversational style.


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