New Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs did a chat over at today, talking about the Eagles' chances and his departure from New England.

Asked about the Birds' chances of winning it all, Hobbs said, "We're loaded with talent and all we have to do is put it together."

Hobbs said he would like to return kicks as long as he was successful at it, but termed whether he would as the "million-dollar question."

Of teammate Asante Samuel, with whom he also played in New England, Hobbs said: "Everyone portrays it negatively because we're different styles of player, but we're actually good friends."

Hobbs said he liked the environment with the Eagles. "It makes you want to work that much better, because the environment is very comfortable."

As for the Patriots, Hobbs was asked if he had any ill feelings toward the Pats: "Somewhat. I just think as far as PR went, I wasn't put out there like I felt I should have been. As far as the winning and the coaches, no, I didn't have any ill feelings." He did acknowledge that he expected to leave the Patriots, but he did not think it would happen as quickly as it did, with the draft day trade. 


Also, to follow up on yesterday's post that generated some conversation about the Eagles and actual dollars, Jason La Canfora has now broken the salary up by dollars per win.

The Eagles come in eighth on that list, with 46 wins from 2004 to 2008 at $10.77 million per win.

The Patriots are tops on the list at 63 wins at $8.14 million apiece, followed by Indianapolis also with 63 wins, but at $8.44 million apiece. San Diego and Pittsburgh are the only other two teams at less than $10 million per win.

Oakland is at the bottom with 20 wins at $25.66 each.


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