Reports that the Eagles needed to give more money to Donovan McNabb to reach the salary-cap floor - the lowest amount teams are allowed to spend - are inaccurate.

Before the McNabb restructuring, the Eagles apparently were around $4 million under the cap, well above the floor.

They had about $24 million in cap room, as a result of carrying forward likely-to-be-earned incentives from 2008 that were not earned.


The biggest offseason blip between the team and McNabb came in March, when's Michael Smith - the first to post the reworked contract figures Friday, by the way - reported that McNabb wanted to assess the Birds' offseason before deciding whether he wanted to talk to them about a contract extension, or possibly a trade.

Asked about that Friday, McNabb said, "I'm still assessing."

Pushed to explain, he said the report "didn't cite me. That wasn't me who said it."

Asked whether the report was accurate, McNabb said, "No. I didn't say it."


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