The hours are counting down toward the Eagles game on Monday Night Football against the Browns at the Linc.

Les Bowen will be providing updates throughout the evening here on Eagletarian.


Les Bowen: Eagles, 27-12 (To read more of Les' pick, click here)

Ed Barkowitz: Eagles, 21-3

Bill Conlin: Eagles, 34-17

Paul Domowitch: Eagles, 24-9

Marcus Hayes: Eagles, 30-21

John Smallwood: Eagles, 27-14

Vegas Vic: Eagles, 38-3


1. Eagles C Jamaal Jackson vs. Browns NT Shaun Rogers: Rogers hasn't been as effective in a 3-4 as he was in a 4-3, but he's still very good. Advantage: Browns

2. Eagles' coverage units vs. Browns PR/KR Josh Cribbs: Cribbs is a threat to take it all the way every time he gets his hands on the ball. Advantage: Browns

3. Eagles RDE Trent Cole vs. Browns LT Joe Thomas: This battle is worth the price of admission. Advantage: Eagles

To read the full Scouting Report, click here.


On another note, you have to love the story of this racy Giants fan who was told to cover herself up. She was ejected from the game against the Eagles for, ahem, signs and baggage.