UPDATING: A league source said this afternoon that the Eagles will not be playing their scheduled Buffalo game in Toronto, as was reported by The Fan 590 radio station today.

So you can stop reading the post now, or continue for historical context. Also, feel free to feel sorry for Philadelphia players, coaches and sports writers who thought they'd dodged a trip to the dreariest town in the NFL, but hadn't.

Oh, well, guess they probably still have bars on Allen Street where we can drown our sorrows. Perhaps the hockley scribes can advise?

EARLIER: The (highly theoretical) NFL schedule is supposed to be released at 7 p.m., but little bits and pieces are starting to trickle in. One of those, according to the Fan 590 radio station in Toronto, is that the Eagles' scheduled game in Buffalo this season will be played in Toronto instead.

If you only plan to watch from home this November -- the game apparently will be played either the 13th or the 20th --sending the Birds to Buffalo vs. Toronto probably doesn't mean much. For those of us acheduled to attend, though, it means a buncha stuff. One, no snow on the field, since the Bills host their Toronto games at the SkyDome, or whatever they're calling it now. Two, we won't have to set our watches for 1955. Three, we will need to make sure our passports are in order. (Toronto is in something the people there like to call "Ontario, Canada," which looks like Ohio but fancies itself a different country with laws and borders and donut shops named after famous dead hockey players.)

Stay tuned for the rest of the schedule later.