As usual, Andy Reid didn't want "to get into all that" Wednesday, but did so indirectly.

Reid didn't want to talk about his reasons for dismissing defensive line coach Jim Washburn with four games left in the season. But he lauded Washburn's replacement, 71-year-old Reid loyalist Tommy Brasher, as "a positive guy, he's upbeat, he's all about the team ... He wants to help it get better."

Washburn's caustic manner and us-against-them mentality are the most speculated-about reasons for his departure.

"I just want him to do what he does," Reid said, when asked what he wants to see Brasher do that Washburn wasn't doing. "What he does, he prepares a good, sound, aggressive defensive line. I think that's what you'll see."

Reid confirmed that he will stick with the current offensive line configuration, which seems to have made steady progress the last few weeks. That group does not include 2011 first-round pick Danny Watkins. Asked if he doesn't want to get a better read on Watkins over the final week of the season, Reid said: 'We'll see."

"The group that's playing right now I think is a positive, so I'm sticking with that group," Reid said. "They've done a good job in protection, they've done a good job with the run game."

Reid said safety Kurt Coleman, who has a chest contusion, wouldn't practice today, and that special teams ace Colt Anderson will play at Tampa Sunday if Coleman cannot. Reid said he doesn't anticipate any other changes in a secondary that has helped opposing passers compile an average 142.4 passer rating the past six games.

Anderson, 27, has played only once at safety this season, in the Detroit game, Oct. 14. He gave up a pass interference penalty in the end zone, which led to the Lions' tying field goal. They won in overtime.

"Every week I've felt more comfortable being out there," Anderson said. "That was a very frustrating game. We were (10 points ahead with five minutes left), and we ended up losing the game. I told my teammates, 'I hope I get another chance.' I've got another chance. I'm looking forward to the challenge."

Reid said LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick have not passed imPACT tests. He said the test Vick took Wedneday has not yet been evaluated.

Reid said McCoy still has "a few" concussion symptoms.