First, he was known as the "Michael Vick Experience." Could "Starship 7" be next?

That is the name that Jon Gruden gave Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on Monday Night Football, perhaps a reference to how Vick was flying all over the field.

And that also got Mike Cessario thinking. Cessario is a Philly guy who now lives in San Francisco, working as an art director for an advertising agency. He has worked on campaigns for companies such as Bose, Home Depot, Microsoft, Callaway golf, UHaul. (You can see more of his work at

Cessario wrote us the other day and provided an image for a desktop wallpaper. Click on the thumbnail in this post for the larger version.

"I'd just be stoked if people were into it and wanted to use it," he wrote.

We thought it was pretty neat and decided to share. Whether "Starship 7" sticks is probably another matter, but a nickname of some sort for these Eagles is no doubt forthcoming.


Much has been written over time about the experiences of opposing fans in Philadelphia stadiums.

We thought we would share another email we received this week, from J. Silow, from Dresher, a member of the Daily News Eagles Fan Panel, about the experience at FedEx Field on Monday night.

What a night..., we got into Fedex Field about 30 seconds before kickoff and when we walked out into the field area it was like I just woke up in heaven - Vick throws an impossibly long pass to Jackson and the scoring fiesta was on.

5 Observations:

1. Redskins fans love to yell about a place they call Filthydelphia to middle age men wearing Eagles colors.

2. Male Redskins fans love to cross dress in skirts, wigs, rubber hog-noses and makeup. They also enjoy making  gutteral snorting noises.

3. Daniel Snyder wraps his stadium, inside and out, in more advertising than a Geogia Little League outfield fence.

4. By halftime, there were approximately 10,000 fans left and most of them were wearing number 10 Eagles' jerseys.

5. The other 85,000 ticket holders apparently went to their cars, pulled into the worlds largest gridlock and spent the next 3 hours cursing McNabb and the team they "root" for and yelling about a place they call Filthydelphia to middle age men wearing Eagles colors.

Heaven's a very strange place, indeed, but it was a great visit.

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